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Q:  Is the 7on7 High School and Youth Tour only for Affiliate members?

A:  No.  All 7on7 Affiliate Members receive garanteed admission into the 7on7 NW Tour, but any outside teams are welcome to participate.  Tournaments are open to any team, and there’s a tournament entry fee for each location.

Q:  What grades do the Youth Tournaments consist of?

A:  We will have 2 age divisions:  5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade.  We are not going off of age, we are going off of current grade. 

Q:  Can current Seniors participate in the tournaments?

A:  Yes.  The 7on7 NW Tour is designed to give kids in the Region as many chances to compete and improve as possible.  Seniors that are going to play in College the next year need someplace to play and compete.

Q:  Can kids play on 2 different teams during a tournament? 

A:  Yes.  If a player lets tournament officials know before the start of a tournament that he’ll be doing so, he is eligible.  There will be tournaments where a kid has both his select 7on7 team participating as well as his own High School team playing.