The 7on7 Association was put together to offer more opportunities for kids in the Northwest Region.  In the past, they only had a few programs to choose from. For a lot of kids, those choices were far away.  If a program was close and a kid didn’t make the team, there were no other options.  If he did make the team, the cost was astronomical.  Not only did a family have to pay an expensive player fee, but they also had to pay for all the expensive travel that went with it.  Kids have fun playing in tournaments in locations such as LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, etc.  However, to get to those locations everyone has to pay for airline tickets, rental cars, and hotel rooms. All those expenses add up to much more than what the initial player fee was.

With the 7on7 Association model, there are more teams to play on. For most families, these options are a lot closer to home.  With the #brAvery NW 7on7 Tour, kids still get to play in tournaments. However, they don't have to pay for all the expensive travel. Most of our Tournaments are held on one day (Saturdays for Youth, Sundays for High School). Since the locations are throughout the Northwest, teams can travel to the tournament in the morning and back home that same night. 

Brandon Huffman and Kevin Wade from 247sports are going to be attending every tournament. The top level, elite players will have a chance to be seen and evaluated at every single event. We will also have media members and outlets there that are covering all of the other players too. This includes Nick Farman from NW Athletes Spotlight, Kevin Menton and Gina Moore from Outside The Games, and Dirk Knutsen from Northwest Prep Report. Between social media posts as well as actual write ups on websites, the exposure at our tournaments will be second to none.

The #AveryStrong NW Stars College Showcase is a one day event. There will be multiple 3-hour sessions broken down by position; RB/TE/LB, OL/DL, and QB/WR/DB.  Each session will consist of SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness), Position Work, 1on1’s, and Group Work. This Event is for EVERYONE, it doesn’t matter what gym you train at, what position coach you work with, or what 7on7 team you play for. There will be 20-30 different Colleges from around the country in attendance. At every Showcase we’ve run, multiple kids have walked away with Scholarship offers and packages.

Our Winter League and #brAvery NW Tournament Tour is officially part of the TopGun7on7 National Rankings. Teams that finish well in our Tournaments, or teams that win it all, will either get ranked nationally or if they are already nationally ranked, they will move up in the rankings. Another great addition to is that all our tournaments are qualifiers for the 7v7 National Championship Tournament in the summer. Any team making a semi-final or championship game in one of our tournaments earns an automatic invite to the National Championship Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia.

Last year it was difficult having different refs at each tournament stop. This year we have signed a crew of refs to travel to each location.  We are paying them for the weekend and putting them up in a hotel. This means there will be consistency and continuity in all our tournaments.

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